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Designing a Den – The Perfect Home Hideaway

Lounge dens were a bit of an ‘80’s revival of the traditional family room and despite the recent favour for open plan living, modern designers are starting to appreciate the benefits of a cosy nook where you can escape with or from the family. Before you start to plan your very own hideaway here are a few points to consider in concept, design and furnishings. Size and style Size may not be up for debate, but if it is consider the kind of environment you want to create – a clean fresh escape or a cosy, comfy sanctuary. Don’t feel limited by your specifications, there are lots of tricks of the trade to create a sense of space for restricted rooms and instill intimacy in vast dimensions. If a separate room isn’t even an option, furniture and drapes are a good way to section off some space from an existing room. Purpose The purpose of your den will dictate both furniture and accessories – once you’ve decided whether the room is to be a retreat from teenage children or homage to family values you’ll be able to move forward with regard to both design and finish. Furnishings Deep, luxurious fabrics will go a long way in creating a sense of relaxation, whilst colours will enhance the environment. Thick pile rugs, cushions and full curtains soften the edges of a...

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Bath Panels for Your Bathroom

Imagine an exquisitely designed bathroom with marble floors and marble walls, with white marble streaks highlighting the middle part of the walls, running across the room. Light fixtures are placed both on top and at the sides of the different ornaments in the bathroom to give off an illuminated design. A painting by a well-known artist (Picasso, for instance) hangs on top of the toilet and a regular sized HD LCD TV hangs on the corner, visible from every angle of the bathroom. There is huge mirror hanging on top of the specialized Kohler sink with all kinds of sanitary amenities known to man available to the user. Everything is themed with everything: the black toilet, black marbles, dim lighting, and the dark themed Picasso painting. Everything fits, except… the white custom bathtub that is awkwardly positioned at one side of the wall. For people who can afford luxuries to make their bathrooms seem like those straight off a five star hotel, the bathtub can be a major source of interior design pain. Thankfully, there are different types of bath panels to suit varying themes. As a kind of cover up for your bathtub, it can easily be pried open if ever a need to repair the plumbing arises. For the most part, its main purpose is to keep everything looking pretty. An Egyptian themed panel, for example, would...

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Building Cot Bedding For Your Baby

Knowing how to build cot bedding can be really helpful once you have a baby. It can save you a lot of money by not buying a brand new bedding while serve as an entertaining experience knowing you built something on your own. Of course, there are a lot of things to consider most especially because your baby will be using this cot bedding. Here are a few things to remember to ensure maximum efficiency and make sure that your baby will enjoy the cot bedding. When building or preparing such bedding, one must always remember the issue of safety. Sure, your bedding might be pretty to look at or soft to touch but if it is set in such a way that your little one would easily fall off or if the materials used would induce an allergic reaction, it would be a waste of time on many accounts. Always make sure that the materials used are strong and hypoallergenic. Go for blankets and swaddling cloths made of gentle materials that would not irritate the skin. More than aesthetic appeal for the baby and whoever is watching, functionality should remain on top of the list to remember when building such cot. Safety, specifically, should remain foremost above everything else. As aforementioned, functionality should be considered over aesthetic appeal and after the factor of safety, comfort should then be...

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EZ Bed – Ease and Convenience

When going out of town or staying at a friend’s house, sleeping on an unfamiliar bed could be an unpleasant experience. Some beds, unlike your own, can be too small or hard. Also, when borrowing a mattress, the feel can be different, not to mention the effort it takes to assemble and fix such beds before and after using them. Your vacation or short trip, thus, may, because of this small issue, turn out to be unforgettable for the wrong reasons. Thankfully, human ingenuity has brought us several creature comforts that enable people to experience comfort even outside our very homes. One such innovation comes to us in the form of the ez bed. Unlike most portable beds, it simulates a real home bed which one is actually accustomed to. Some owners of this product, in fact, use this bed as their regular bed and bring them to wherever they would be going to for their trips or vacations. Out of its many advantages, the ez bed is easy to store and set up. It has its own automatic air pump which inflates the bed, unlike most air beds that require a manual pump to blow. Within a matter of minutes, the bed is made up and ready for use. There is less effort to be used as one can indulge in other activities instead of worrying about where...

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Calming Contemporary Beach House in Brazil

I love the outdoors and one of my top picks for a great location for a home is by the beach. If you do too, then you would love this extraordinary beach house from Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan. The house itself overlooks the amazing beach horizon and features a modern contemporary design created with wood, concrete and glass. The beach home is located in the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro for exclusivity and is such a perfect getaway place for those that want to relax and forget about city life. The furniture and interior design is simply magnificent taking...

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