Designing girls bedrooms is half the fun of owning one

When my sister and I had our own rooms for the first time during our teenage years, we both knew that we were getting older, and we were quite happy about it. For one thing, we had more privacy – thank god our parents were so supportive. Another thing that made us happy about the move is the fact that we can actually design our rooms so that they’d express our individuality and at the same time be molded into living spaces we can actually move around in.

Good Girls Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Teenage girls have a more refined taste compared to younger girls

Teenage girls are of a different breed. Unlike younger children who like flair and glitter, teenage girls are on the threshold of adulthood, so their interests are beginning to align with that of normal adults, although on a pace that most mothers would most likely want to control. With regard to room design, teenage girls would prefer simpler designs and set ups that actually function to serve the bedroom as it is. Teenage girls are more practical, and this is saying a lot if you handled them in their younger years.

Mothers shouldn’t assume, though, that their daughters would want what they choose straight off the bat. When trying to decide for good decorating ideas for your little girl’s bedroom, try having a specific thing in mind but keep a loose leash. From there, gauge your little girl’s reaction and proceed so that you both discover what she wants. Pro tip: remember that you’re designing her room, not yours, so you should give her a little leeway despite her tastes being a bit crazy for your standards. In the end, when she realizes how off her choice is, she’d love you more for tolerating her nonetheless.

Basics of Girls Bedroom Decorating Ideas

An active and open conversation would promote creativity and an ultimately awesome design

Once you’ve opened the lines of communications, the brainstorming of ideas shouldn’t be too hard after that. What you should remember, though, is the important fact that each bedroom, regardless of whether they’re for girls or old people, should have the basics so that they’ll serve the inhabitants well and look presentable in case guests decide to show up. An area rug would do wonders for your girl’s bedroom, for example, because it would create that soft and princess-y feel, especially if the design and color was something like pink and white with stars or rainbows. That may not always be the case, though, since some girls like neutral colors like light orange or dark green.

Another thing you should put in your girl’s room is a good set of window shades. As an interior designer, I recommend solar shades because they do not let stifle the good view from outside the window but reduce the glare significantly, making mornings not as harsh. Good window treatment is also important because you’d want your growing girl to have privacy from onlookers or neighborhood boys with telescopes, if you know what I mean.

So there you have it, a little bit of everything about designing bedrooms for your little girl. You can find more beds online at the bedstar store. With their huge range, you should be able to find a perfectly suited bed for the room you’re trying to create. Alternatively, you may consider other options such as sleepeezee beds. You need to think of comfort as much the design. If you have other ideas or stories you want to share, leave a comment on the space provided below. Ciao!