Limited space can be any architect’s best friend or worse enemy. Having to work in an area smaller than what you’d hope for could mean having to make drastic changes just to make things fit, or it could also be an opportunity to redefine the use of limited space and turn it into something big–not in space, but in style.

Naturehumaine Architects of Canada knew exactly how to get limited space to work well enough for them. Working only with a 800 sq. ft., these architects came up with a compact home and not only that, they came up with one whose design turned out to be really stylish, some people might even trade their spacious homes for a house like this.

Because floor space was limited, architects turned to a different element and this was working with different levels. Certain areas of the house such as the dining area and the kitchen were elevated while the sitting area which also functioned as a living room was lower than the two.

This was really a creative way to separate areas in one room without getting the feeling of “crowding”. Although the entire floor was limited in space, by giving a distinct area for these different functions, everything actually ended up looking spacious. What the architects did was they made the house look like it could accommodate all the basic areas of the house without making it feel like they were forcing it to look that way.

In my opinion however, I think that what really opened up the house is the interior design incorporated into it. The theme is very rugged, earthy and rustic–but neat. White walls play the role of canvass against the raw materials left exposed in the different areas of the house.

The varnished wooden floor just oozes with an earthy warmth while the exposed beams on the ceiling completes the rugged modern look. Pieces of artwork on the walls breaks the monochromatic flow of the white walls at the same time highlighting certain spaces, like the dining area for example.

It is important to use only what is needed to get what the homeowners want. Like this house project, getting what the customers want means using only the materials needed. Once function is in place style will easily follow. Surely, homeowners won’t even remember that their home was built within a limited space.