A lot of people would say that the most relaxing place in a house is their bathroom; a place of refuge, to be alone, and just take a breather.

But it would be very difficult to relax in a bathroom wherein all the cleaning supplies are cluttered everywhere.  It’s always best to keep them all organized.  Spend several minutes to check on all the shampoo, conditioner and body wash bottles; check if they are empty or expired and put them in the recycling bin.

Organized Bathroom Products

If your family shares a bathroom, collect all those which are not yours and ask your relatives if they still need them; if they don’t, place them in the recycling bin too.  And if the bottles still have some product left or have residue on them, it would be best to wash them off.

Another big problem which is always ignored is the handful of toothbrushes.  Check with the family members and throw out the unused ones.  The cluttered toothbrushes are a morning eye sore.

Throw out empty rolled up toothpaste tubes and remind the family that the best way to bring out the toothpaste from the tube is to roll it up from the bottom, and not to squish the tube at the middle.

Clean up the soap dishes and either dispose of all the unused small soap bars or group them together and dissolve in a clean bottle with water to use as your liquid hand soap.

Make sure all the towel racks are screwed on properly, paper towels and tissues are in the right places, rugs are in order, and you’re all good.

And just a side note, it would also do wonders to your bathroom to hang a painting or two on the bathroom wall.  You can also opt for a good photo in a frame, preferably with a soothing and relaxing scenic view.