There are a lot of shower curtains from Linens and Thigns made of different designs

You’d know that if you want something smart and quirky, you’d go for Linens and Things. They have a wide selection of different products from bed covers to shower curtains. Apart from Amazon, Linen and Things would probably be the most comprehensive home material online shop in the web today. As an interior designer, I often utilize items for Linens and Things in my designs for my clients and friends. If you take a look around in their online shop, you might even like what you see.

The Advantage of Linens and Things Shower Curtains

Shower curtains are a kind of specialty for Linens and Things. Unlike other online shops and boutiques, Linens and Things Shower Curtains have quirky designs that would fit almost any type of bathroom design or setting. They have literally all kinds of designs available, which would put conventional bathroom shower curtains to shame. Of course, they also have the regular designs available for purchase, but their specialty lies with the unique and graphic shower curtains.

Linens and Things Shower Curtains have lots of unique graphics and patterns

Linens and Things manufacture a lot of shower curtains with different designs, as I have mentioned above. Their shower curtains can be classified into two major divisions: patterns and graphic prints. These patterns would be the more conventional designs that I referred to earlier which, in a way, less preferred by the majority of Linens and Things customers. However, make no mistake: these designs are no push overs. Patterns provide for a more colorful bathroom spectacle and add greatly to the aesthetic value of any bathroom setting.

The Distinction of Print Linens and Things Shower Curtains

The other good type of Linens and Things shower curtains is the print type which features a graphic design on the shower curtain material. Linens and Things are famous for having fresh graphics in their products, and the shower curtains they produce are of no exemption. Examples of popular shower curtains include a map of San Diego printed across an opaque shower curtain. Despite seemingly sheer, the outlines of the map provide sufficient cover that provides privacy for the bather.

Linens and Things shower curtains add tot he aesthetic appeal of any bathroom

Other designs include famous landmarks such as Trafalgar Square or the Brooklyn Bridge. Personally, I like their contemporary designs that feature facets of popular culture. Their designs vary from mere black and white prints to those with colors and print combinations. There’s this particular design that I like featuring Apothecary materials such as a shaver, comb, and alcohol bottle. Another features a bamboo pattern, which creates a pseudo-tribal feel despite the fact that it is merely printed on a shower curtain.

As an interior designer, I do not particularly like shower curtains. Of course, I’d prefer for my clients to have shower glass enclosures or other installed types of shower space guards. However, I have to admit that Linens and Things shower curtains have caught my fancy. I see myself agreeing over some of their designs being utilized in some homes or condominium unit bathrooms. It just goes to show that despite people being used to a certain standard, there are some things that would end up surprising us to change our views.