Maddie 3 Seater Sofa

Are you thinking of buying a sofa for your living room?  Why don’t you try buying a 3 seater sofa or a 2 seater sofa? Not only are these wise investment for your home, you can also get these in a wide variety of styles, shapes and designs. Mostly, it is available in leather, microfiber or rattan, and is a cost-friendly and convenient piece of furniture. It  is commonly available as a sofa bed  or a regular 3 seater sofa. Sofa beds are great to buy because you can pull it open and use it as a bed when you have guests and relatives staying for the night.

Regular sofas, on the other hand,  accommodate at least 3 persons, which means that you save space as opposed to putting a lot of single seaters around the receiving room. This is great for small apartments and the college dorm rooms.  Keep in mind that these can last for years  with the right amount of care.  Always remember to place it where it cannot be reached by direct sunlight as exposure to the harsh rays of the sun will result to color fading. Another tip is to regularly clean the furniture and to wipe spills immediately when they happen.

Why don’t you also get a 2 seater sofa?  These are definitely must-buy pieces of furniture especially among those living in condominiums, bachelor pads and other types of housing units with limited spaces.  Also referred as a loveseat, it comes in various styles and cater to a number of  themes and motifs such as contemporary, traditional or modern. It is  available in a wide selection of material and fabric such as leather, microfiber and even chintz.  Did you know that you can even get a 2 seater sofa with reclining or rocking features as well as sofas  with either short  legs or none at all. This is definitely the perfect choice for the budget-conscious buyer who is also faced with a space restriction dilemma. This type of furniture will serve its purpose well for years with the right care and attention. Always clean the sofa and vacuum it regularly. Always remember to use a damp cloth in cleaning the furniture and use hair spray in removing ink stains. Most importantly, protect it from sharp objects at all times as any pokes or tears in the sofa’s material can cause terrible damage.

There are many ways to prolong the life of a sofa.  If you’re interested in buying a 3 seater sofa, start researching for the many great deals available online.