City Life Collection Audio Tower by SouthShore Furniture

Many people do not realize the importance of safe storage for all of their audio and video equipment. Likewise, many people have their home entertainment system equipment stored on the floor of all places without realizing the damage that this can do to your equipment. Audio and video equipment that is stored on the floor is more likely to get damaged due to dust and overheating. For this reason, audio and video equipment such as televisions, DVD players and receivers should be stored somewhere safe where they can remain clean and have adequate ventilation. Audio towers are the ideal storage compartment for this purpose.

Audio towers will provide your electrical equipment with a clean, spacious and organized environment and actually looks great in your sitting or living room area. That being said, it is important that you consider a few things before you actually go out and buy one. Keeping the following list in mind when you search online or in furniture stores for an audio tower will help you to ensure that you purchase one that will suit your needs for many years to come.

•    How many shelves do you require? – the answer to this will largely depend on the number of electrical components that you currently have but also bear in mind if you will be adding to this in the future. Better to have too much space now than have to go out and buy another audio tower when you need the space. Remember that each component needs its own shelf – stacking one item on top of another is bad for the equipment with a lack of ventilation and overheating.
•    What size audio tower is best – you need to consider the number of components as well as the size of the room and where the audio tower will be situated. A corner audio tower is great where there is a lack of wall space in a room and looks much more compact.
•    Quality of the audio tower – it is better to spend a bit more on something that will house your entertainment system for the foreseeable future and the sturdier it is the better.
•    Cost – you should have a ballpoint figure in mind of what you are prepared to spend knowing what is available on the market.

With these points in mind it will make your shopping experience for an audio tower less stress free and more productive as you will be confident that you have covered all the necessary factors when it comes to buying such an expensive yet worthwhile piece of furniture.