Letting agents are great as a go-between for the homeowner and renter.

The values of homes have decreased dramatically over the past several years and along with the loss of millions of jobs, many have faced foreclosure for the very first time. Many vacant homes continue to sit on the market and thousands of homeowners who are trying to avoid foreclosure are hiring letting agents to rent out their precious properties.

This provides opportunity for those that have spent years in apartments, by giving them the ability to rent a home that is much higher in quality than they could ever afford in the past. Letting agents are great as a go-between for the homeowner and renter. Folks that own homes have no idea of what they are getting themselves into and will be much better off in the long run by letting a professional handle their property.

The homeowner will continue to make monthly mortgage payments but at the difference between what they pay monthly and the amount of rent money they receive. In many cases, this allows them to hang onto their homes and not suffer through foreclosure. Letting agents are typically real estate agents that earn extra income by handling all aspects of the rental.

They deal directly with the renter about any problems or concerns that may occur. A great benefit to the renter is, if there are any costs associated with any repairs, it will be the responsibility of the homeowner to absorb the cost.
Many homeowners move out of state, making it difficult for them to control their properties.

These agents are typically in the area and will handle all details associated with the lease. These agents will usually take care of any problems that arise in a timely manner, as they are in direct contact with both parties. Letting agents can be found on the internet along with reviews on how well they perform.