Outdoor Sconces

You might be a new homeowner beginning her first home improvement project. Welcome to a whole new world! If you have not yet evaluated the lighting fixtures, that will be a good next home improvement project. Replacing outdated and worn lighting fixtures can be one of the cheaper ways to give your whole house a makeover without breaking the bank.

By replacing ugly utilitarian outdoor lighting fixtures with outdoor sconces, you are improving the look of your home while saving on your electric bill. The outdoor sconce is a great design and it gives maximum light with minimum wattage. It is a great combination. The open fan style design of the average sconce means that installation and bulb replacement are a snap.

While you probably usually think of a sconce as an indoor lighting fixture, it is a marvelous way to spruce up the outside and add that special curb appeal that your house has been lacking. Whether you use your porch or balcony for entertaining, having an outdoor sconce to accent and illuminate is a great idea. The warmth of sconce lighting creates a social circle where guests can feel safe but intimate. Imagine the difference between candlelight and flood lights. You can create the candlelight atmosphere with sconces.

It is OK to leave the installation to the professionals. You’ll sleep better knowing that your family is safe from badly installed wiring. While it is very easy to replace a light fixture, you might not know how to evaluate the health of the existing wiring. If you are a new homeowner, it is worth the money to have a professional electrician take on the job. He or she can check on the wiring and replace things, if necessary.

The choices open to you, in regards to style, are almost limitless. There are outdoor lanterns and carriage lights and Mission style sconces — the list goes on. You should choose the sconce that fits with your home’s decor, first. As much as you may love the look of Craftsman style fixtures, do they fit with your house? You want to accent the appeal of your home, not create a discordant note with your outdoor sconce.