If you don’t love the beach, then you must have been born on the moon. I love the beach. Love everything about it. There are countless ways to enjoy the sand and sea whether you are the ultimate nature-lover or just someone whose idea of fun is spring break all over again.

The beauty if the beach is unlike any other. From sunrise to sunset, to the birds and the boats the ocean’s horizon never runs out of snapshots of natural beauty. This must have been the reason behind this modern coastal home by Yamamori Architect & Associates. The home takes on a Japanese inspired theme and the focal point is of course the sea itself.

I would definitely agree that Japanese house architecture would fit perfectly for coastal homes. Because the Japanese theme really is about being very minimal and more importantly, one with nature the house feels more like it was built to fit into the shores rather than have the shores fit into the home.

The interiors portray nothing but the basic fixtures for basic functions. No more fancy furnishings. Sitting areas on the extended outdoor space sit on the beach front face of the house. As a result, the home feels very modern to a point of looking futuristic, but at the same time very functional.

On the contrary, the exterior structure of the home is something that didn’t really go very traditional. From the outside the house appears to float. The irregular shape of the structure itself kind of contributes to the natural attraction of the environment. The facade kept the natural color of the concrete.

From the way this coastal home was built I could say that the Japanese architects were saying to themselves “it’s difficult to fill a cup (well, in this case a house) that is already full”. Because the house is somewhat empty, it allowed the beauty of the sea to fill it. Now that’s something you definitely can’t buy.