Lawn or leaf sweeper is a great alternative to traditional raking

A lawn, or leaf sweeper is a great alternative to traditional raking, and will efficiently clear the yard of unwanted debris. Assembling a lawn sweeper can be tricky.  If possible, purchase a leaf sweeper from a seller that offers delivery and assembly- preferably free of charge. There are two types of lawn sweepers from which to choose. The towed, powered lawn sweeper attaches to a riding mower or tractor, and works best for larger yards and gardens, and commercial landscaping.  A manual self-propelled sweeper is great for smaller spaces and gardens.  A push lawn sweeper is great for those who lack a riding mower or tractor, but still want a less labor-intensive means of clearing leaves, grass clippings and unwanted debris from their yards.

Before using a lawn sweeper, it is important to be prepare the area.  Remove any rocks, branches, and debris larger than a twig should be removed prior to sweeping. Thick gardening gloves are recommended for this process. Also, be sure to have a place to dump the collected debris after sweeping. The contents collected can be used as compost, or thrown away in the trash.  Adjust the height of the sweeper to suit the terrain. Patios and driveways should be swept using the lowest setting, whereas grass areas may require a higher setting.

In order to ensure the entire area gets swept, work methodically, moving along the length of the the garden or yard. This also saves time by preventing double-sweeping an area that has already been cleared. Push or pull the sweeper along the length of the yard, moving from one end to the other. If the area is large, the bag may need to be emptied during this process. Empty the collection bag when it is nearly full, not overflowing. Also, if the debris is wet, the bag should be emptied more frequently.  Heavy, wet debris weighs more and can reduce the effectiveness of the sweeper, not to mention tear holes in the collection bag. Learning how to use a lawn sweeper is easy. Follow these steps, and a debris free yard can be achieved with minimal physical exertion. For more infomation on lawn sweeper visit Lawn Sweeper Info.