Author: Kitti Vicky

Easy Quick Fixes in the House

Have you ever felt bothered coming into your house?  Or maybe even right before entering, you feel a slight anxiety?  Have you experienced feeling that your home was so dirty and cluttered, even after cleaning and tidying up? One of the reasons could be the doors.  Not just the main door, but all the doors going to each room of your humble abode.  And let us not forget that these are not the only doors around the house.  We should be aware of the different cabinets and drawers around our home.  I am not implying that you change the...

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The Ultimate Japanese Inspired Coastal Home by Yamamori Architect & Associates

If you don’t love the beach, then you must have been born on the moon. I love the beach. Love everything about it. There are countless ways to enjoy the sand and sea whether you are the ultimate nature-lover or just someone whose idea of fun is spring break all over again. The beauty if the beach is unlike any other. From sunrise to sunset, to the birds and the boats the ocean’s horizon never runs out of snapshots of natural beauty. This must have been the reason behind this modern coastal home by Yamamori Architect & Associates. The...

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5 Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces for Spring 2013

Spring is a great excuse to inject some fresh colour and new design trends into your home. If you’re working with limited space, there are still plenty of inspiring ideas to brighten up a small room and make it ready for the new season. Just a simple addition of a new colourful peacock print cushion or floral wallpaper can create the illusion of bringing nature inside and transform a small space. This is the time to banish heavy drapes and drab colours, and embrace bright shades and light fabrics. Let’s look at some key areas that can help get...

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Recycled Belgian Barn House by Architect Rita Huys

Traditional barns are very rustic, rugged and earthy. When it comes to the space and function, it carries on a minimalist theme–very open, very practical. No doors for the interior areas, just divisions to make certain spaces distinct. In short, traditional barns are very simple structures and modern designers have found a way to give birth to the stylish concept of home people can live in and enjoy today. Another important aspect of the barn is that it is very nature friendly. All these important elements; minimalist concept, practicality added with a modern twist combining style and comfort was...

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Compact but Chic Home by Naturehumaine Architects

Limited space can be any architect’s best friend or worse enemy. Having to work in an area smaller than what you’d hope for could mean having to make drastic changes just to make things fit, or it could also be an opportunity to redefine the use of limited space and turn it into something big–not in space, but in style. Naturehumaine Architects of Canada knew exactly how to get limited space to work well enough for them. Working only with a 800 sq. ft., these architects came up with a compact home and not only that, they came up...

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