Author: Kitti Vicky

What To Look For When Choosing A Bed Frame

Before the days of divan beds, most mattresses sat on a wooden bed frame. In recent years, bed frames have made a comeback and today they are the popular choice for the stylish contemporary bedroom. Your first step is to decide on your decorating style – for example, traditional, country cottage, contemporary or ultra-modern – and your color scheme, as both these elements will help narrow down your options. Why super king mattresses are worth the investment One of your first decisions will be whether to buy a complete bed frame or a headboard. A headboard will fit on...

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The “Lighthouse” on Spanish Hills by Architects Cadaval & Sola-Morales

A light house on the mountains of Spain. A floating roof in the night. This is how you would see this modern mountain house designed by Architects Cadaval & Sola-Morales . This house sits opposite the Spanish Pyrenees–a view that can definitely take you breath away. However, whether during the day or late at night, the house itself is an attraction of its own. Sitting on “dry stones”, traditional building materials for mountain houses in this area, is a dominant roof. From the outside the roof looks stands out and is undeniably modern. Inside the roof plays host to...

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Barn Restored from Rustic to Modern and Cozy House in Pine Plains, New York by architect Preston Scott Cohen

Picture out an ordinary barn for me now would you please. Is it the traditional rectangular structure standing on four walls with the large triangular roof on its head? Does the inside look like a web of wooden beams either supporting or crossing one after the other? Yup, you just had an ordinary barn in mind, but this barn house is anything but ordinary. Barns have become one of modern home’s most creative inspiration. What used to house cattle and horse, hay and farm tools are now renovated and turned into unique, modern and stylish homes for people. Among...

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Environment and Economic Friendly Tree House in New Zealand by Jono Williams and Friends

When something is put under pressure, two things can happen. First, pressure wins and the balloon pops or second, a diamond emerges. And a diamond in the rough is exactly how I would like to describe this tree house in New Zealand built by architect Jono Williams and his friends. A rugged yet functional and sustainable structure, this tree house can boast that it was built on a budget, and a compilation of donated materials. The architects of this very creative project leaned towards building the tree house as an environment friendly structure throughout. So, you might wonder how...

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Compact Archipod Shed Fun and Functional

Fun-size is the best way to describe this structure. The “Archipod” is the best thing ever built since the treehouse was invented. A lot of people prefer to be outdoors whether for playing with their kids, reading a good book, or just getting some alone time. Of course the comfort you get from the outdoors is different compared to what you get inside of your house. Elements of nature can be both relaxing and annoying for your outdoor experience. That is the reason why this chic garden shed was built–to make you comfortable outdoors as much as you are...

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