Picture out an ordinary barn for me now would you please. Is it the traditional rectangular structure standing on four walls with the large triangular roof on its head? Does the inside look like a web of wooden beams either supporting or crossing one after the other? Yup, you just had an ordinary barn in mind, but this barn house is anything but ordinary.

Barns have become one of modern home’s most creative inspiration. What used to house cattle and horse, hay and farm tools are now renovated and turned into unique, modern and stylish homes for people. Among these chic barn houses is the Goodman House in Pine Plains, New York that architect Preston Scott Cohen worked on.

Apart from the varying framed windows, the exterior really looks like a typical barn you’d expect cows to live in. However, you should let the interiors do the rest of the talking if you really want to know what this modern barn house is all about.

The moment you enter, the first thing that will surely capture your attention are the restored Dutch barn frames beaming across the ceiling and supporting the house itself. You will really feel the essence and inspiration of the barn concept without it feeling too rugged and rustic at the same time.

The different function areas of the house were strategically placed so that despite all the beams and the posts in between spaces, the use of a certain area is easy to identify. All these areas come in sets of modern furniture that does not cut through the barn concept but actually goes with its warmth and very at home feel.

These spaces are indeed very creative, like the sitting area with different kinds of chairs put together makes that space feel very casual and comfortable, perfect for close friends and guests. On the other hand, the uniformity of the dining area balances this.
The multiple windows that allows natural light to come in also contributes a lot for making the interior feel bright and warm.

A home like this will surely be easy to enjoy. The earthy feel of the barn combined with modern interiors, creatively designed spaces and natural light all make this barn house a home for the modern family.

One thing to keep in mind though is that with any home it is important to take out house insurance, but especially so with a house like this to ensure the peace of mind needed to properly enjoy living in such a beautiful home.