When you know what you want your tendency is to move toward it, well in this case it would be pointing at it. I think this is exactly what inspire this simple looking lake house in Finland. A home on the hill overlooking the lake, this wedge shaped structure is very much one with nature.

Looking at this house from a side view makes it look like an arrow. What’s it pointing at? A beautiful lake. Facing this lake is the house’s spacious outdoor area where homeowners can entertain guests, have camp fire or just have simple family time with the kids. All this with the breathtaking view of the lake.

The facade of the lake house appears grey. This is because the lumber used for the exterior of the house did not go through any varnishing or sealing process eventually turning it into a natural grey which in fact blends in with the rocks where the house was built on. To keep the look consistent, the roof metal roof was kept in the same color.

The house looks rather small from a distance and it may seem like the outdoor area facing the lake has taken over the entire structure. This is also probably because of the monochromatic color of the facade that makes it look like the rest of nature surrounding it.

The interiors keeps a minimalist theme with only basic furnishings. However this does not mean that there isn’t enough space. The homeowners simply wanted the lake to be the focal point. In fact, this simple lake house holds a guest room and a shoreline sauna. Both are heated with a stove fueled by wood. Giving it more openness and space is the floor to ceiling glass doors and windows.

This wedge lake house has definitely its own “edgy” look. It is simple yet it has genuinely defined its purpose. The lake was it reason for being built and its structure has definitely shown appreciation of the lake.