Lighthouses have always been the star of the horizon. They are very simple structures that play a significant role in navigating ships to or away from shore. This is probably the reason why one home along the southern coast of the UK took the concept of the lighthouse’s nature and made it its inspiration.

It’s always an adventure going up the spiral steps that lead to the peak of the lighthouse and of course, the view is always worth the climb. This is exactly what the architects from the firm AR design has captured for this house. The spiral staircase in the middle of this modern minimalist home leads to a glass cube that gives you an uninterrupted view of the ocean and the surroundings.

The material making up the glass cube is also an attraction on its own–glowing in different colors depending on the weather!

Another feature of the structure that really makes it a house of light is the floor to ceiling glass windows allowing natural light to enter the interior during the day. During the night, it becomes a “lit” house, with the glass windows again allowing interior lights to shine through and be seen from the outer spaces of the house.

The highlight of the home is its surroundings. The interior furnishings, the design of the house’s interior itself is very minimalist. Simple, chic and modern is the theme carried out through the entire house. The main attraction is the breathtaking view of the sea and the Isle of light that lies at a distance in the horizon.

It is alwasy beautiful to see the ocean, to live by its shores. However, there is always something extra special about seeing it from a lighthouse’s point of view. This house has taught me how the light house is the best inspiration for a very ideal home by the beach.