If you like the idea of living with nature, the Treehotel might be the answer. The Treehotel, located just 60 kilometers South of the Arctic Circle, in Harads, Sweden, was opened last July 17th and currently consists of four rooms – the cabin, the blue cone, the nest and the mirrorcube.

Each room was designed by a different architect and includes some prefabricated construction techniques as well as eco-friendly strategies.The owners of the hotel have plans for a total of 24 rooms designed by 24 architects within five years time. Two more rooms – the UFO and the Room With a View, will be completed this October.

The Cabin is a prefabricated unit which was trucked into the site and will be set high in the trees.

Installed on a steep slope in the trees, the Cabin will be accessed via a footbridge and has beautiful views of the river valley below the site. The Cabin was designed by Cyrén & Cyrén and is a prefabricated unit located on a steep site and accessed via a footbridge. The actual tree house is suspended from the deck. This will hide the volume of the building to a certain degree. The deck is slightly separated from the building in order to make it appear smaller and to allow the building its own expression. The footbridge offers opportunities for expansion with other treehouses and viewing decks built from the same foundation.

The Mirrorcube was designed by Tham & Videgård Arkitekter. It consists of a lightweight aluminum structure hung from a single tree. Access is gained via a ladder that comes up through the floor into the cube.

Coated in a reflective surface, the Mirrorcube will reflect its surroundings and blend into the environment.

The Blue Cone, which will actually be red, was designed by SandellSandberg and is made from lightweight wood construction with a split birch facade.

This tree room is founded on three points of support. Access to the tree room is by a bridge from the mountain behind.

The sauna is intended for 12 people at the one time.

The Bird’s Nest was designed by Inredningsgruppen and resembles — what else — a bird’s nest. Inside the bird’s nest is enough space for a couple and two children. This room, for example, is offered for 3,800 Swedish Crowns ($512 USD) per night and includes breakfast.

The Bird’s nest is reminiscent of a water tower built on stilts that has been camouflaged with sticks and woods to blend into the environment. Accessed is provided via a retractable staircase.

The Room With A View will be completed in October and is designed by Marge Architects. It offers three unique perspectives on the woods and the Harads landscape.

Finally, the UFO, which will be completed in October, is designed by Inredningsgruppen and is meant to be the complete opposite of the nature inspired Bird’s Nest, designed by the same firm.