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Experience 3D with Volume.MGX Lamp

Created as a single piece using 3D printing, the Volume.MGX lamp expands from a completely flattened position to produce a fabulous display of shadow and light. In applying his “squared square geometry”, Dror has created a shape which when lit, provides both a bright, warm glow in its center, and a cooler, darker feeling around its edges. Via:...

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Sou Fujimoto’s Tokyo Apartment

This Tokyo apartment block project by Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto takes the archetypal western form of a house and combines it several times into this intriguing, intertwining whole. The Tokyo Apartment building consists of five dwelling units. Each one of them has two or three independent rooms in a prototypical “house” shape. External stairs are also used if you want to go the other rooms. The use of external stairs and the disorderly, seemingly random placement of the units are meant to recall nature. From Sou Fujimoto’s website, he said that it seems that you have your own house in the foot and summit of a mountain, respectively. Photo Credits: Iwan...

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Sweden’s Treehotel

If you like the idea of living with nature, the Treehotel might be the answer. The Treehotel, located just 60 kilometers South of the Arctic Circle, in Harads, Sweden, was opened last July 17th and currently consists of four rooms – the cabin, the blue cone, the nest and the mirrorcube. Each room was designed by a different architect and includes some prefabricated construction techniques as well as eco-friendly strategies.The owners of the hotel have plans for a total of 24 rooms designed by 24 architects within five years time. Two more rooms – the UFO and the Room With...

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Two Leg Table

Table with two legs? You heard it right. This Two Leg Table created by industrial designers from Israel, Ben Klinger and Shay Carmon is a coffee table based on two legs only. The two legs support and balance each other, and together carry the upper surface. In order to achieve stability, the contact area between the surface and the legs was increased by using additional matter that rises above the surface. The table’s special structure was achieved by using strong materials – Corian surface and oak legs. How would you love having this in your home? Via:...

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Solo: Puzzle Inspired Storage Box

How about a bit of brain teasers in your furnitures? Solo storage box might be the answer. Designed by Franck Tawema, Solo is a playfully interactive storage box with randomly placed cubes as handles with a total of 36 drawers in varying lengths that can be the perfect solution for your storage needs. This storage box is designed like a puzzle, and this will surely test your memory in finding your stuff. Photo Credits:...

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