Patience, dedication, and intelligent buying could help you land the house of your dreams

Have you been looking for a new home for a while, but just can’t seem to find that great deal you keep hearing about?  They are out there, but maybe you need to change how or where you are looking.  Some sellers will chose not to use a real estate agent so if you have only been looking at the MLS, you may not be seeing the entire market.  Here are some tips on making your home search more effective:

  • Drive the neighborhoods that you are interested in.  See if there are any for sale by owner signs in the yards.  If you see someone working in their yard, stop and ask them if they know anyone in their neighborhood that is interested in selling their home.  You may be surprised to find that they know someone nearby that has been talking about selling, but just has not started the process.  These can be amazing opportunities to get the house you wanted with no competition.
  • Craigslist has become another place that sellers are advertising their homes when they don’t have a listing agent.  These deals often will have other payment options like contract for deed or rent to own, which you rarely find on the MLS.
  • If you are looking in a more affluent neighborhood like Lake Minnetonka homes, you might be able to inquire at a local coffee shop or even the yacht club.  While it may be more difficult find sellers at these places, most members are well connected and know details about the area and homes.
  • Send out a message on Facebook or Twitter asking if any of your friends or followers know of anyone looking to sell their home.  With the reach of these social media outlets, you never know how far that message may go.

Thinking outside the box and outside the normal MLS search may help you find that dream home that you have always wanted.