The last style of French bedroom furniture would be the Shabby Chic approach.

For many people, there is one sort of French bedroom furniture.  If you go to certain websites or read certain articles you’ll read about the French style of bedroom furniture.  This is fine as most people who want to decorate their rooms in the style of the French are just looking for ideas and do not care if there is really many more types of French styled bedroom furniture.  But for those who do care, for those who are looking for certain time period pieces, this article is for you.

Throughout France’s history, you would see that the architecture, art, music and decorating styles all seemed to change with the change of the throne.  Whether it’s the era where the many King Louis ruled or the post-Napoleonic period, you will find that French bedroom furniture has evolved.  What people would call the Contemporary French style is a style that has been adapted, mostly in America to fit the needs of the people who live there.  This Contemporary style is a great choice and can be varied depending on where you are buying your furniture.  However, if you’re looking for a time-period piece of furniture and want your bedroom to reflect that time period, you must know the different types and styles of French bedroom furniture.

During the era in which the King Louis ruled, the style evolved even within that 230 year period.  Under Louis the 13th, much of the French bedroom furniture was carved with scrolls and shells.  This variance of decoration was considered to be a finer touch for the wealthy of that time.  If you buy this sort of furniture at an auction you need to be ready to shell out some cash but between the decoration and the sturdiness, you won’t be disappointed by your find.  When Louis the 14th came to the throne, his idea of decoration was filled with much more grandeur with massive furniture that was adorned with hard-to-come by materials.  Whether it was tortoise shell inlayed ebony or marble and granite tops for writing desks and vanities.  Of course these items can be contemporarily made and be much more affordable than buying them at an auction.  One must just be willing to do some searching.

For the romantics that want a romantic looking bedroom, there is the Provincial style of French bedroom furniture.  This style of furniture is named for the French town, Provence.  This style incorporates white cotton into much of their linens and has a cottage feel to it that resembles the cottages that were very popular in Provence.  Light colors and simplistic designs finish out this style.  Perfect for making a room seem airy, calm and romantic.

The last style of French bedroom furniture (but definitely not the last type as there are many more styles that could be discussed), would be the Shabby Chic approach.  This style is much more affordable than some of the antique styles discussed earlier in this article are.  The furniture within this style can be distressed, which means it looks as though it has been used a great deal.  You can easily turn your own furniture into shabby chic styles if you look for the right slipcovers.  White or floral patterns fit easily into this style of design.  If you mismatch patterns and switch them off with pale solid colors, you will easily give your room a Shabby Chic look.

French bedroom furniture is eclectic and has a wide-price range.  Before you decide, do a bit of research, find pieces you can afford and that you fancy and create your ideal bedroom.