There are always cheap log homes and inexpensive log packages

When shopping for anything, everyone always likes to feel they got the very best price that could be gotten. But any discerning buyer knows that getting a good deal is much more than just price. There is the factor of quality. The smartest buyers are actually looking for the best value for their money. And so with log homes, there are always cheap log homes and inexpensive log packages, but when going through the stress and hassle of building a home the homeowner is much better served to look for a high quality log home. Often at this time of year manufacturers are running handcrafted log home sales and giving substantial fall scheduling discounts.

Here are some of the best ways for locating a sale on a log home that you do actually want to purchase. Before searching for sales, it is best to locate a few log home companies that you would like to have a home from. Websites are a wonderful way to research a company and browse through their photos, construction methods, and home specifics. Log home packages are very different, one company to another, so selecting that must be bared in mind.

Once you have narrowed your interests down to a few log home suppliers, then pick up a phone and call their local representative. Don ‘t be afraid to ask them any question that comes to mind. Well informed and educated dealers will know all the features of their homes, average cost per square foot for log packages as well as building estimate. Some of the best log home dealers are log home builders as well. This gives an added dimension of expertise that many companies are lacking. I have talked personally with a log home rep that did not even know what a purloin was. That is not good. The customer is best served to purchase a log home from someone who is extremely knowledgeable, loves log homes, and specializes in them.

Once you have talked with a few representatives you should have a better feel for their companies combination of price, quality, and expertise. From there the next question would be if they offer any discounts or if any of their plans are on sale. It is very common right now for companies to have sales going on but they are not advertised openly on their website. Instead you have to get on the log home companies email list in order to get access to any sales.

For those who prefer not to talk with a log home representative or give out an email address, there are some companies that will advertise sales on their website. One website I visited recently stated “Handcrafted Log Home Sale” as a fall special one their home page. The best sales that are going on now are usually only offered for a short time but they are definitely worth investigating. Many times only a small deposit is required to lock in a price that will in fact save you $1,000’s of dollars over the price for next Spring. So it is worth doing your research and going ahead and finalizing plans so that you can gain the largest benefit for a spring 2011 log home build date.