It is much safer to install a door over your fireplace

There are many benefits that can be offered by the addition of a fireplace door to your fireplace, for both you and your family. Many people are not aware of the full advantages a fireplace door can offer. Here are the three main benefits that fireplace doors are noted for:

1) Safety

It is much safer to install a door over your fireplace for a variety of reasons. A door keeps your children or pets from burning themselves on the flames of an open fireplace, however you should also realise that the doors can get hot, so preventing a young child from touching them will be an issue too. Doors that fully block off the opening of a fireplace prevent sparks, embers and hot ash flying out and hitting people and potentially flammable items. Fireplace doors also prevent pests that may enter your home via the chimney from entering your house.

2) Decor

Fireplace doors combined with other fireplace hearth accessories are decorative items that make a room look complete. Today there are an endless variety of designs, materials, sizes and shapes that you can purchase, allowing you to coordinate the interior aesthetics of your room. It is also possible to purchase customized doors, where you are given the opportunity to create your own design. With the endless number of doors on the market and the opportunity to customize, there are endless personalization options available when it comes to creating a door to suit the interior look and feel of your living room.

3) Energy Efficiency

Fireplace doors that are glass and not mesh serve to keep cold air from entering through the chimney while preventing warm air from escaping. It has been said that doors can reduce air loss by a factor of 90%. Keeping the doors closed will maximize the heat in your home after the fire has burnt out providing you with a sustained level of warmth that can last for hours. Many doors offer you the option of controlling the airflow to the firebox, allowing you to control the level of heat. Due to the increased efficiency offered by a fireplace door, you will save a considerable amount of money over the long-term.

If you own a fireplace, or are planning on installing one, then fireplace doors make a great investment. You will not only save a considerable amount of money over the long-term, but will add an extra dimension of safety to your fireplace as well as adding something extra to the aesthetics of your room and house.