Quartz ensures quality and provides your kitchen a luxurious and bold sophistication.

The kitchen worktops made of quartz are a recommendation for contemporary kitchens. They are considered ideal for 21st century consumer market. About 93% high performance polymers are added in the quartz to make it tough and strong. Quartz ensures quality and provides your kitchen a luxurious and bold sophistication. It also provides quality finish to your kitchen design. Apollo quartz is basically a combination of one of the most varied minerals. Quartz is present in the sand and rocks in almost all parts of the world. It has minute resemblance with diamond. Its minerals are found in the various types, forms and colors. This versatility gives Apollo quartz an individual unique look. These traits of quartz have compelled manufacturers to make kitchen worktops of this material. It possesses an extraordinary strength and durability.

After durability, there comes the color of the stuff. Appearance makes the first impression of the kitchen. Keeping this point in view, customers are offered a wide range of colors. There are 17 different colors. Some commonly used colors are misty grey, argento black, satin cream, cocoa, carbon black, golden haze, sapphire blue, mezzanine grey, bluebell, argyle mist, dark sage, sea scape, steel, Scottish rose, hazelnut, Portland grey and chiffon white. My personal favorite is Astor black. It gives an executive look to the top of kitchen. One of them is for your food reservation.

For your IKEA kitchen, Apollo quartz is installed with a polished finish. Its surface is easily maintained as it is non-porous. Its surface is layered with a high performance, stain resistant polymer which makes it chemical resistant. This material maintains its lustrous gloss without polishing. As it is non-porous so it do not need any waxing. The leading brands which are offering quartz kitchen worktops include Silestone, Zodiaq, Quarella, Compaq, Caese and Radianz. They provide their customers such an experience which no other brand offers. Each has competitive positioning factors but the similarity lies in the quality of material they provide which is not just durable but classy too. Others may provide you the poor copies of Apollo quartz with no guarantee of color and quality.