Sleep in long lasting comfort with the latex foam mattress

I don’t really know how long an average mattress would last but a latex foam mattress can last up to 30 years! Exciting right? Imagine a mattress that will take charge of your sleeping and comfort needs for three decades! But don’t get too excited yet, there are still several features that you will surely want to know about the latex foam mattress.

The Material

Latex is a material harvested from a rubber tree, no wonder it can stretch the distance. But seriously, latex may sound a bit “chemical” but it is actually like cotton. It comes from a biodegradable material and so it shares certain features that cotton mattress lovers enjoy. Unlike cotton however, latex is a bit more durable on certain areas.

Latex Lasts through Seasons

The ideal mattress would be one that can be as permanent as the bed itself –a mattress that you don’t have to get rid of or change constantly. A latex foam mattress breathes well enough to keep you cool during summer and warm when it’s winter. This will make it a lot convenient for people because they can stick with their latex mattress and they can enjoy the kind of comfort they are used to no matter what season it is.

Other than comfort what other features do people look for in a mattress? What could be the most irritating thing that will surely interfere with the flow of sleep? If you ask me, they would bed mites. Nothing beats these little critters chewing off sleep and comfort from your skin.

Mite, Mold, Mildew-Free

Mites accumulate through time and with the 30-year durability of the latex mattress, that would be long enough for mites to build a nation in your mattress right? Well think again. Latex foam mattresses are resistant to these mites three times more than other mattresses! This means long smooth sailing nights of bite-free sleep.

The latex foam mattress is also incapable of something. It is incapable of keeping mold and mildew! Also, like cotton, latex is hypo-allergenic. Now you won’t be sleeping on a bed of diseases and bacteria. No more odors and stains as well. Latex has given “breathable” a new meaning for mattresses.

Posture Friendly

When we sleep we expect our mattresses to have our back –literally! People’s postures are usually affected by the way they position their body when they sleep. They can be stuck in this position the entire night and so they sleep feeling tired and worn and they wake up the next day feeling like their back’s going to break.

Latex foam mattresses have a natural capacity to adjust to the curves and folds of our body when we sleep. This way when we’re sleeping we don’t feel like our body is pushing and fighting against a wall, instead it would feel cushioned and supported properly.

If you’re looking for the foam mattress that’s got it all, then you should go for the latex foam mattress. You’ll surely enjoy this foam with its benefits stretched and maximized. Enjoy comfortable, healthy and long lasting latex mattresses.