Pergolas are quite functional because they create a shaded area that can be utilized for relaxation or entertaining

Outdoor pergolas have been in use ever since the Renaissance Age in Italy in the 16th century, and yet many people do not know what a pergola is, that is if they have even ever heard the term before.  One thing is for sure though, once you find out what a pergola truly is, you will also discover that most pergolas are gorgeous ornate outside structures that can enhance any part of your landscape.  Pergolas are also quite functional because they create a shaded area that can be utilized for relaxation or entertaining.

There are many important aspects to consider when shopping for a pergola but you will definitely want to start by finding a design of pergola that fits you and your outdoor lifestyle.  There are many different sizes and types of pergolas on the market today.  Start by finding outdoor pergola designs that look like they would work well with the exterior of your house, and then do more in depth research on aspects such as what materials are included, the cost of a professional installation, space available and dimensions of the structure, and the expected lifespan of the pergola.  Remember that this is not just a decorative yard item. It is also an investment that should offer you plenty of functional options!

In terms of longevity and ease of upkeep, the best pergola you could purchase would be one that you can construct yourself thus saving you the cost of a professional installation.  The market is full of do-it-yourself options which you should consider even if you are not an experienced builder.  Manufacturers do all of the hard work and typically include step-by-step instructions that even a novice builder should be able to follow.

Whatever you end up deciding on, keep in mind that your outdoor pergola does not have to be fancy or expensive to meet the function you are after.  You can also choose to add other natural elements such as climbing plants and flowers so the structure will eventually blend even more with its surrounding landscape.