You have to be certain that the mattress is comfortable and will support your body weight when you're asleep

It is easy to take for granted the good work your mattress does to ensure that your overall wellbeing is taken care of. It’s only when you begin to wake up each morning feeling un-rested or full of aches and pains that most of us give a second though to what we are sleeping on. If you’ve gotten to this stage, you’re probably thinking of buying a new mattress, and it’s at this point that you might need some help to choose the perfect mattress for you. There are a number of things to remember before you invest any money, and an excellent place to start is with reading some of the many Cheap Mattress Reviews that you can find on any of the consumer review sites online.

While the review sites are great, they can only help you so much in your search – they should never be taken as a replacement for getting hands-on with a mattress. When you’re at the stage where you want to test out a mattress, keep in mind that this is the time when things can go very wrong if you make a bad decision.

For that reason, there are three things you have to get right – first, and most important, you have to be certain that the mattress is comfortable and will support your body weight when you’re asleep. Secondly you have to look out for the ‘wave effect’, that’s where your sleeping partner feels movement when you move around on the mattress – too much of this and their sleep will be disturbed. Finally the mattress must be large enough to accommodate both of you easily.

So you’ve made your decision, and now you’ve just got to strike a deal with the salesperson – to me, this is the fun part. I know not everyone likes negotiating, but this is a high-ticket item, so even if you only get 10% of the ticket price, that can run to a couple of hundred dollars easily.

If you’ve research the Internet for prices, this will give you a head start. You might not get to match the best online prices, but if you get close, it is worth paying a little bit more for the benefit of the personal service you’ll get from dealing locally. One thing that I can guarantee, if you don’t ask for a discount, you definitely won’t get one – good luck….