Browsing trough a scrapbook can even bring more memories that a normal picture album could

We all have have memories to look back to. Eventually we want to share those memories with family and friends. Thinking back how great the times were. The best way to do so is probably with pictures. Enhancing your pictures improves the recall of these memories. Here are point to think about, just to get you started.

First, it all starts with the camera. A picture can only be as sharp as the camera let’s it. Don’t worry if you haven’t got one now. A decent camera can be bought for less the one hundred dollar. You could also try the camera in your mobile phone. Since these camera’s are becoming better by the day.

Second, older photo’s should be digitized. This way you can optimize them to their full potential. It’s recommended to use specialized software such as Lightroom and Photoshop. The program’s help you to enhance colors, clarify the picture, make it more bright and so on.

Third, get your photo’s printed. Nothing brings back a memory as a printed picture does. Another great thing is that you can organize your pictures in album, writing notes next to it. To make sure the pictures get’s to their full potential think about applying a nice and natural glossy effect. You can do this by using a lamination machine.
For this kind of work the laminator can be bought for under 50 dollar.

A scrapbook is a great way of interactively presenting your pictures. What’s great about it is that you can put more in it than just your family pictures. You can put anything in it with relation to your family. Browsing trough a scrapbook can even bring more memories that a normal picture album could.

I’ts a good taught having a place for all your family memories to look trough together and be passed on to next generations.