Make sure you go for one made from real wood since it would give you more advantages in the long run compared to non-wooden ones

A decent dressing table is an essential item of furniture in any girls bedroom. Do not make the mistake of assuming a dressing table is old fashioned; suitable only for your grandma or maiden aunt. If you were to do that then you would be missing out on what could quite possibly be a girls best friend.

The dressing table has evolved quite significantly since its humble beginnings in 17th Century France, when it was little more than a basin suspended between 2 pieces of wood and mounted on wheels (if you were lucky). It was picked up and embraced by the Victorian Socialites where it began to take the form we recognise today – whatever its design however, the dressing table has always had the same purpose – to help you look your best whatever the day has in store for you.

Nowadays you can pick up the dressing table in one of three different styles; the single pedestal, double pedestal or the console table. Each one of these styles of dressing table will suit different rooms and lifestyles, from the grand (and expensive) double pedestal dressing table which will provide more than enough storage space thanks to its twin columns of drawers on either side, through the slightly smaller single pedestal to the more desk like console table which is usually the cheapest and smallest of the three styles.

As a rule of thumb a single pedestal dressing table is an ideal compromise between the three choices. It may be slightly smaller than the double pedestal but the single column on either the left or right hand side will still provide more than enough storage for all you cosmetics, moisturisers and haircare products while at the same time not being so large that it wont look like it doesn’t belong in the room. All this extra storage space is a godsend and will definitely help declutter your room.

There are a couple of other factors to take into consideration when choosing a dressing table. Make sure you go for one made from real wood, such as Brooklyn Oak or Pine. This really make a difference when compared to the cheaper options made from plywood or chipboard. You still have the option of getting a solid wood painted dressing table, so you don’t have to worry if you after a more contemporary look. Painted dressing tables are available in all shades and colours. If you are a traditionalist then you’ll be pleased to know that you have options too, with a most retailers offering a wide variety of wax finishes for a wooden dressing table.