These beds are ideal for children ages 1 to 3 years old

Your child needs a comfortable and safe bed for sleeping. That is why as parents, these are the primary considerations before you purchase a new bed. You need to checkĀ  if there are loose ends or boards which can pose a threat to your child’s life. Then, you also need to know if the size of the bed surely fits the height of your child and the width of his or her body.

Knowing the usual length of a bed for children is also important. For most children , they need 4ft beds. These children are usually one to three years old. The beds come in various styles and designs too. The materials are also varied as well like metal, plastic, and wood.

Sometimes, children love to sleep on a bed that is very unique in design. That is why you can also buy beds with colorful and fun designs like a space craft bed or a racing car bed. In addition to these, there are also beds with cartoon characters from Disney, princess beds, and other movie characters. For example, there are beds with cowboy and jungle designs. Along with these beds are also soft mattresses which are usually purchased separately in other stores.

If you want something different, you can also buy a divan bed. This is a practical option sinceĀ  a divan bed can be used directly on the floor. A divan bed measures three feet in length. It also comes with an optional headboard but the foot boards are not sold together with this product. A set of divan bed has a mattress and strong bed base.

What is more interesting about divan beds is that you can use the base for extra storage. This storage can be used to store your pillows and blankets. It will help you make your room look tidy and clean. The drawers are also very useful when you want to store some other items in your child’s bedroom.

Divan beds have very sleek designs too. It will surely blend well with the existing decors and colors of your room. But the beautiful designs of divan beds do not mean they are very expensive. In fact, these beds are very affordable . When it comes to maintenance, this can be easily cleaned as well. You can also use all kinds of upholstery if you want to change the design.

You can directly order a divan bed online or from local stores. By using online stores, you will be able to find more designs and colors and even cheaper prices as well.