It is a misconception that silk sheets are usually considered a luxury which perhaps just the wealthy can afford

A bedroom is the best place in a home to spend on extravagant interior. When it comes to bed sheets, silk and satin represent that luxury. Although both have a shining exterior in reality there is quite a lot of difference between them which should be kept in mind while purchasing the product.

Silk is basically one of natures creations. Silkworms expel a string to make their cocoon before they change into moths. This string is the fundamental fiber used in the creation of silk sheets and other products. Satin on the other hand refers to a manner of weaving rather than a specific material. Be it made from nylon, cotton or silk the satin bed sheets always give a smooth feel and an extravagant look. However the quality of satin may vary depending on whether the thread used is synthetic or natural.

Silk sheets are usually considered a luxury which perhaps just the wealthy can afford. This however is a misconception for, if properly taken care of, silk sheets can last longer than any other type and this counters the costliness of the product. Therefore, a person with a normal income will be saving himself the hassle of buying new sheets every six months if he opts for silk. Pure silk sheets sets have a usual price range of around 300 – 600 depending on the size of the sheet. Satin sheets are not at all pricey but their durability depends on the quality and type of thread used. Their price range usually goes from around 40 to 120 or more.

Silk sheets have to be either washed by hand or dry-cleaned. Those mixed with cotton are generally washable in machines but only when company instructions are followed. Satin sheets vary in washing instructions based on their fiber, these directions will be present on the packaging.

Another factor is that satin will always have a shine no matter how little. Some kinds of silk however do not have that sheen that is so important when giving an elegant and exuberant look.