With the chest storage, you get a good place to keep your belongings and an added furniture to make any room look more stylish

Between an expensive and modern coffee table and an antique wooden chest storage, I’ll always go for the chest. There is just so many things a chest storage can do that a coffee table cannot. Other than the popularity brought to it by pirate treasure hunting stories, the versatility in purpose of the chest storage is actually that which has earned it the name kids like to call it –treasure chest.

The wooden chest storage can be used for a center piece table in between sitting areas or it can be a side table and still be as eye-catching. And while it contributes to the look of the house, it also helps in keeping things in place. You can use it to keep pillows, magazines, towels, and other essential things that you need to keep.

The Center Table

Unlike other storage furniture the chest storage can be put in any area of the house without getting out of place. Put it in your living room as a side table, a center table, coffee table. Place candles, figurines and magazines on the surface of the chest storage and you’re good to go.

Bedding Storage

In bedrooms you can put it on the foot of your bed. Keep blankets and extra pillows or towels inside. The same can be done in all bedrooms and different things can be placed inside. Kids can keep their treasured toys in their very own treasure chest. Give your daughters a safe place to keep their magazines and diaries.

Stylish Spice Rack and Kitchen Towel Chest

In the kitchen, you can use it as a stylish way to hold and display spices in the counter. Keep your kitchen towels in a chest storage to separate it from other things in the kitchen. If your chest is big enough create a conversation/breakfast nook beside a kitchen window overlooking a view to give more warmth to your kitchen.

Outdoor Keeper

Even outdoors, the chest storage can be of use. Like what you had indoors, make it a center point of a conversation area. Place a vas with fresh flowers on top when you have guests. Best use woven or just plain wooden chest storage to make it work well with the outdoors.

Having a chest storage outdoors will also do more than just furnish and decorate your outdoor spaces. When the weather’s bad, keep pillows, towels, and other outdoor fabric in the chest to keep them from getting wet and damaged. This will be convenient because you don’t have to bring in the pillows, etc every time the weather becomes bad.

Treasure Chest

And lastly, just as kids keep their toys in these wooden chest storages, you can also keep things you collect in them. Photos and other memorabilia will literally be treasured inside the chest storage, and because you won’t be able to see through the wood, you can keep these belongings private and protected.

The wooden chest storage on its own is already a piece of treasure. Treat your things like treasure by keeping them in the chest or display them with style that never fades by putting them on the chest storage.