Experience a distinct comfort every time you lie on your cotton mattress

The ideal mattress should be able to work in several conditions. Although the bedroom is not really an environment like the bathroom or the kitchen, mattresses are still prone to dirt and stains. Also the mattress should meet comfort needs of people. A good mattress providing all these can have good results on the health of people as well since they need rest and sleep.

Mattress Materials

There are several materials that mattresses are made of. Mattresses can be a combination of fabric and springs, pads and foams. These can come from polyester, wool, even silk mattresses from bamboo. But among these materials, cottons is the most popular.

Popularity of Cotton

We know cotton not just from our mattresses. Cotton, since it was discovered, has grown in certain industries and has become a material known to be used widely around the world. It is a dynamic natural textile material. We know cotton from our clothes to our beddings and of course our mattresses.

Cotton for Mattresses

Cotton is a good material and it is ideal for mattresses. If you want a mattress that “breathes” then a cotton mattress is just right for you. By breathe we mean there is a sort of freshness to the feel of the mattress. The mattress is not stiff or dry. The way cotton mattresses are soft are also not drowning but it is more like a cradling comfort.

Contrary to this however, a cotton mattress may have a disadvantage when it comes to its ability to absorb liquid. Cotton is naturally highly absorbent. This would be great for other uses of cotton but it won’t be an advantage for mattresses. Good thing there are waterproof mattress protectors that will still keep your cotton mattresses from getting soaked.

Cotton Comfort

Despite this disadvantage cotton mattresses still holds its popularity and they are still in demand because of the comfort it provides people. Not only do they keep people sleeping well, but they also keep them healthy as well. The cotton mattress is the best mattress for people with allergies.

Another thing that the cotton mattress is known for is its excellence when it comes to the surface properties. Because of this people enjoy a good comfort level. When the several layers of cotton come together you’re sure to get a soft but sturdy, smooth mattress.


We all know how dust, dirt and even mites can accumulate in the mattresses and these things can be allergens for people. Cotton mattresses scores zero when it comes to these risks in allergies. People of all ages can enjoy the cotton mattress comfortable and allergy free.

Cotton mattresses are known to be expensive, but it will always be better even practical to purchase something effective and reliable than to invest in a more affordable mattress and get quality that’s cheaper than what you paid for. The comfort of a good mattress comes with a price –it also comes in cotton.