It’s not only possible but quite easy to make your own business cards at home using your printer.

Whether you’re looking for a job or are the Vice President of your own small business, it’s not only possible but quite easy to make your own business cards at home using your printer.  This post will show you how to produce your own cards without anyone else’s help.

Step 1:  Design your card

Open up a popular graphic program such as Adobe Photoshop and start off with a suitable sized blank template to work from.  Using the options in the program, you can type your name, position, company, phone number, e-mail, and any other contact information that you wish.  Don’t forget to import a digital image of your logo and paste in somewhere appropriate on the card.

Step 2:  Find and buy the right card stock

Many office supply stores sell special paper for business cards.  The paper is very thick in comparison to normal printing paper, and is sometimes split into several separate rectangles for easy cutting.  You can find paper like this at your local Office Depot or Staples or order it online.

Step 3:  Print

Before you waste some valuable card paper, print out a few test versions on regular paper.  This way you’ll see if there’s any need to make design changes or adjustments.  When you’re happy with the rough draft, insert the card stock and print out the first batch of business cards.

Step 4:  Cut

The last step is to carefully cut out your business cards.  You might want to use one of those fancy straight-edged office cutters or if you’ve got a steady hand, then a pair of scissors.  It’s important to cut properly, otherwise your cards will not look professional.

Overall, now you know how to make your own business cards at home without relying on anyone’s help.  No longer will you need to outsource this task.  Last but not least, unlike with the HP Laserjet 1018, you can try this with the HP Photosmart C5180 printer if you prefer.