Glider Benches

People who are looking into buying outdoor furniture either for their yard or front porch may find themselves with a dilemma. The most common outdoor furniture is rocking chairs, porch swings and glider benches. Even though they are similar in many ways, glider style benches have advantages over the other two.

If you put a teak glider bench in your front porch, you will not have markings on the floor because gliders have a stable base that does not move back and forth on its own. When you sit in a glider bench and glide back and forth, the base stays securely rooted to the floor; only the chair or the upper part moves as opposed to rocking chairs that move back and forth but scrape the surface below. The abrupt motions of getting up and down can move the rocking chair to a different spot and leave markings that could destroy your wooden or tiled floor. Glider benches also have smooth and limited rocker action. Due to the absence of rails and swings, rocking chairs can move fast, putting people at risk of falling or tipping over. Although they are safe for adults, they are not as safe for small children who often like to swing or rock fast. With swings and rocking chairs, you can easily lose your footing and balance when trying to get on or off it.

When you look online, you can find hundreds of glider benches and Strathwood chaise lounges available for sale. Most of these benches are delivered in parts and pieces, making them very easy to transport. The slats and other parts are designed in a way that they can easily be bolted together with basic tools for assembly. Any handyman can easily assemble the glider chair together within a few hours. If you don’t want to go through the hassle, you can have the manufacturer assemble it for you. While some would do it for free, others may charge you a minimum fee for the labor. All in all, bench style gliders are convenient, highly functional, and can be assembled within a short period of time.