The first thing you will need to do is to get the measurements of your hallway.

Hallways make up part of your home. They connect rooms, areas and spaces to each other. Sometimes, people forget that hallways are part of the home and thus leave them bare. This is a shame as hallways are great places for rug runners.

Many people avoid using rug runners for hallways at home because they can never be sure of what size runners to get. There’s always the possibility of getting something too long r too wide for this narrow space. If you want to get perfectly sized runners, there is a simple way for you to do so.

The first thing you will need to do is to get the measurements of your hallway. Once you have the exact measurements it is easier to find out the perfect sized runner to go with it. So grab your tape measure and measure away.

Now to find the ideal width for you rug runner, all you need to do is subtract 4 inches from the width measurements of your hallway. Let’s say that your hallway is 40 inches wide. If this is the case, the most ideal width for your rug runner would be 36 inches. The reason you subtract 4 inches off is so that you can get a nice 2 inch of space on both sides between your runner and the wall. This will help give it a framing effect.

Once you have the ideal width, you can proceed to finding the ideal length. So again look at the length of your hallway. From this, subtract 22 inches off. This will give you the ideal length for your rug runner. This time, you will get an 11 inch of space at both ends of the runner, which will frame the hallway nicely.

With the above tip, you no longer have to be worried about getting the best rug runners for hallways in your home. You can easily do so now with renewed confidence.