If you will make your own needlepoint rug, you will need needlepoint fabric, needlepoint yarn, tapestry needle and masking tape.

You can easily find needlepoint rugs for sale in the market these days. These come in all sorts of designs and styles. However if you would like to have something unique and personal, you can try your hand at making your very own, needlepoint floor piece.

First of all decide on what size you want your finished rug to be. Then decide on a design or motif to be stitched on it. You can have your own design, if you are so inclined. Not good at designing? Not to worry. There are many designs and patterns available out there for you to use. You can find these in stores on online.

Before you start you need to gather some materials. You will need needlepoint fabric, needlepoint yarn, tapestry needle and masking tape. Make sure the fabric you pick is slightly larger than your desired finished rug size. Now you are ready to start.

Next, using the masking tape, wrap the edges of your fabric. This will help keep it in place while you are stitching and keep it from unraveling. Now you are ready to transfer whatever design you have chosen onto the fabric. Once this is done you can start stitching. As you can use all kinds of stitches, it is more advisable for you to use short stitches, especially for a rug. This will prevent it from snagging or pulling during use.

After you’re done stitching, you will need to block your rug. Wet the piece evenly using a small spray bottle. Then, with the help of thumbtacks, tack the material onto a piece of wooden board. Start at one corner and tack the four corners down while stretching the fabric even. Once you’ve done the corners tack the rest of the fabric at an interval of every few inches to keep your rug straight and even. Once you’ve tacked it all down, spray it again and let it dry.

Drying may take several days. After it has completely dried, remove it from the wooden board. Pin a backing fabric to your rug, fold the raw edges underneath and sew the backing onto your rug. You now have your very own needlepoint rug.

Although there are many needlepoint rugs for sale, making your own piece is more personal. By making your own, you will be creating a piece that can be passed down to your children as a piece of family history.