A foam padded cushion with a stretch elastic skirt is the perfect option for any backless bar stool

Bar stool cushions will add the finishing touch to any bare bar stools in your home.  In addition to the aesthetic value, having comfortable padded bar stools will be a welcomed enjoyment for your family and guests.

Perhaps you are just looking to replace some tired or worn out existing cushions.  Well, there are several notable options available, depending on which stool or chair style you have.

Some bar stools are plain with hard wooden or metal seat tops, others have built in upholstered cushions.  Regardless of the seat top condition, a foam padded cushion with a stretch elastic skirt is the perfect option for any backless bar stool.  The stretch skirt simply pulls down around the circumference of the seat lip for a secure fit and excellent visual appeal.  It is important that the cushion itself is sized to match the seat top, for a proper fit.

Using a good quality “memory” foam is recommended, as cheaper foams will flatten over time and become less comfortable.  Many, however, will choose a polyester stuffing, to save on costs.

An alternative to the “stretch skirt” is a cushion with one or two straps that reach down under the seat top; they are secured with either Velcro or snaps.  This is an excellent option for any bar stools with framed back support, or simply for an appealing look on a variety of seat styles.

The third option is much like a chair pads cushion design.  Many bar stools are very much like a high chair, with back support and possibly arm wrests.  The best option for cushions in is case is to use simple tie down straps sewn into the back corners of the cushions.  They are simply tied to the vertical back supports, keeping your stool cushion firmly in place and ensuring the occupant doesn’t end sliding onto the floor.  Good luck!