Pine beds provide that natural look

I don’t know about you but I’m the kind of girl who likes everything to look natural. I normally adhere to metal bed frames for my sleeping set up because they give a firm support for my mattress, thus, giving me comfortable sleep unlike any other. However, some people prefer to have something different from the ordinary. As such, I have considered my nature-loving tendencies and suggested pine beds for my friends and clients.

Natural Beauty with Pine Furniture Beds

The good thing about pine beds is that they bring a refreshing change to the interior decoration scene. Most designers are often caught up with the chrome-look craze which pervades all aspects of the home. As such, you wouldn’t be surprised to find metallic cabinets, tables, as well as metallic chair sets for the modern man’s living space. I feel like I’m being drowned in a metallic world! :P

Pine bed frames provide solid support for your mattress

With Mexican pine bed frames, as with any type of pine bed be it pine bunk beds or pine king beds, living spaces can look natural but trendy at the same time. Just as how trees look naturally beautiful in their element, pine bed frames would look stunning in any bedroom theme or setting. There are different kinds of pine bed treatments and designs to add that wooden flavor that would fit in any room. I’m even considering buying a pine bed frame for my summer rest house in Lake Tahoe.

Quality Support and Performance From Solid Pine Bed Frames

Just as I have mentioned in my previous entries, the function of a bed frame is to give support and hold the mattress in place. I have said this before and I will say this a hundred times more: Rid yourselves of the notion that a solid bed frame would cause a harder mattress surface to sleep on, people! Personally, I use an orthopedic mattress so this doesn’t actually apply to me, lol! Orthopedic mattresses are soft and comfortable regardless of whatever surface you put them against. However, common and orthopedic mattresses alike need stable bed frames to hold them in place.

A solid bed frame keeps a mattress from moving so that the person is held in place along with the mattress he is sleeping on. That’s why people with inferior bed frames wake up in the middle of the night when they toss and turn and they find out that they fallen off the bed along with their mattress. Pine wooden beds, apart from adding to the aesthetic value of the room, provide stable support that would ensure a good night’s sleep.

Natural beauty and relaxing sleep with pine beds

Other Misconceptions about Pine Beds Furniture in General

Since we’re on the topic of misconceptions, another notion you should rid yourself off is that of pine beds only looking appropriate in ‘cabin-themed’ or ‘colonial-style’ rooms. Most people associate the wooden furnish of a rustic pine bed to be beyond the scope of modern interior design. This is preposterous! That would be similar to saying that all people from Middle-Eastern countries are terrorists.

Manufacturers today produce pine log beds that come in different designs and variants which would fit the most traditional or modern of houses. Think of it as a mere material – a medium for the expression of interior art that should not be stifled by preconceived interior design misnomers. Of course I’m not saying that chunky pine beds will look good with everything. Treat it as you would any ordinary furniture-mix and match accordingly using standard interior design principles.

If you are convinced with the merits of a  pine beds for your bedroom, I suggest you look up Country Style Country Pine Finish Bed from Amazon. It looks great with most bedroom themes and I have recommended it to four of my closest friends/interior design clients. Yay!