Garden lights come in many forms and are designed to illuminate garden structures at night

Gardens are places of beauty and nature, but are often accented with manmade equipment.  However, this is not necessarily a bad thing, as a full set of garden lights can dramatically improve the feel of a garden at night. Garden lights come in many forms and are designed to illuminate garden structures at night. Things like plants and garden ponds are all candidates for garden lighting. While a lighting project may seem like lots of work, you can reduce the time and money spent by carefully selecting a few lights and placing the, where they are needed most. Since plants are a very prominent part of a garden, let’s look at a type of light that can bring them to life.

Plant spotlights are used to accent plants of all types. These lights consist of a small light fixture with a light bulb. The bulb is mounted within a reflective frame which amplifies and directs the light. Spot lights have a tightly focused beam which is suitable for lighting up one or two plants at a time. Wired kits come with several lights in a pack and require users to hide the wires under the ground. A low voltage power transformer is needed to power the lights. Since wired solutions can be quite messy and hard to install, many people choose solar models. Solar plant spotlights produce the same effect except that they don’t have any wires. They use a solar panel to create all the energy they need.

To prevent over use of spot lights, walk through our garden and pick out the largest, most prominent plants. Purchase a single spotlight for each plant and set them up on the ground in front of each. The light should be pointed away from the eyes of spectators and be focused on the middle of the plant.