Creative Holiday Decorations

Every holiday brings a special feeling to any household. Halloween brings that fall and spooky feeling. Thanksgiving has a family, autumn feel and Christmas/Hanukkah has a winter, warm, sharing feeling. It is fun to add a little decoration to your home around the holidays. The key to adding accessories or decorations is to not over due it. You can add as much as you want, but usually in these cases,  less is more. Sometimes it is not so much about what you put up, but the experience of decorating. In this case, if it is a family event, let your kids have fun and be creative. If it’s a grownup party and you want to impress your friends then less is definitely more.

One way to spice up the house is with decorative pillows. The best part about decorative pillows is that they can be stored and re-used each year. They also area a useful item because you can lay on them!  Colors for holidays are usually bright and vivid, which is fun, but can sometimes clash with other decorative items in the house.  Try to incorporate colors that compliment the other items in your household. Sometimes even a deep red or orange can bring out the holiday vibe in the home.

Another way to add the holiday vibe to your home is with candles. Smell actually is the easiest way to bring out the holiday feeling. Sometimes a nice apple and cinnamon or pumpkin can really bring a room together and give guests that warm and fuzzy feeling. Just like colors, try to not overdue it with the smell of candles. Sometimes it can have the opposite effect and actually make people sick. Another idea is to not place candles near an eating space as it can sometime offset the taste of food and make it a not so pleasant experience.

Lastly, simple additions like napkins can really add that holiday touch to the home. These are great because they can be put on the dinner table & in bathrooms. Every time someone sees it, it will put a smile on their face. With these, you can go crazy and be fun, as they are meant to really pop out in a room. Plus, you can purchase different kinds every year and can switch it up whenever you want! Holiday napkins come in all different sizes too. You can get cocktail napkins for parties, dinner napkins for the main course or holiday napkins for the powder room.

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