Elegant Glass Door

In your home you probably have a variety of doors that are either made entirely of glass, such as a sliding glass door, or have glass as a major component of them, such as the typical kitchen doors that have a large square window in the center of them. The glass door hardware you choose for these doors can make a real difference in the look and feel of your home. Let’s look at some inexpensive approaches to different glass door hardware and see how they can still have an impact on the workability of your doors as well as the way they look.

The one piece of glass door hardware that is the most obvious to anyone walking through a home is the doorknob, and yet few people give any real consideration to which one they have on their doors. If you were to walk through any decent sized hardware supply shop you would see at least a row or two of various size and type door knobs for everything from the kitchen drawer to your grandmother’s antique hutch. Most of them are not really an expensive item to purchase. They usually run around a few dollars a piece, although you can get into expensive retro or antique ones that can get up around $1-200 each. But you can add some nice interesting porcelain or glass door hardware with a minimum of cost and really make an impact on the way the door looks.

Another interesting piece of glass door hardware that many people overlook is the hinge on the door. The glass kitchen cabinets that have a fifties farmhouse retro look are quite popular these days.  These are a great example of how hinges can make an impact. Take some of the old brass hinges you have around the house, hammer them with the edge of an old hammer to create dents in them, and then rub a mixture of liver of sulfur for that cheap method of getting an antique finish. Add them to glass door cabinets and you suddenly have this very chic urban country look for half the price you would pay to get the hinges at a true vintage hardware store.

Of course, if you are enterprising you can find cheap glass door hardware by looking online at the various sites where you can bid on used materials. I have bought glass door hardware such as back plates online and then refinished them myself. Friends of mine recently replaced every single piece of hardware in their home by bidding on old houses furnishings that was being torn down. These kinds of bids can be exciting, give you some really unusual hardware and be much more fun than just going to Home Depot and getting the same old thing.

So don’t be afraid to be adventurous and try something new when looking to replace your old glass door hardware with new ones. It doesn’t always have to be the same old thing; you could try colored ceramic door pulls or antique brass rubbed hinges. Who knows, you may just find new reason to replace that hardware if you go explore old junk shops and use your imagination to repurpose that hardware in new and interesting ways.