Making use of Kitchen Wall Decor

Travelling and attending various special events and functions are good ways of collecting souvenirs that will remind you of good times. These items can be displayed in your home, not only as mementos of your adventures, but as a unique form of wall decor.

Here are a few examples of how you can use souvenirs to decorate your walls.

Postcards can be framed individually or made into a collage. Whenever you are travelling, pick up a postcard or two or use those that were sent to you by family and friends. There are also different postcards you can buy at bookstores and novelty shops. The cards you bought yourself will remind you of the places you have gone, and the ones sent by others will be inspiration for future trips.

A map that you used when you were on holiday can be turned into nice wall art. Put it in a nice frame, and add small photos and trinkets you collected on the trip as well. It will allow you to re-live the moments and also makes a great conversation piece.

Here’s a great tip from the editors at Wall Decor Source: using menus and napkins as wall art. When you eat at restaurants, politely ask if you can keep the menu or, if they say no, if they have a take-out version they are willing to part with. Some diners use paper placemats with different designs (usually with their logo) that they are happy to let you keep. Frame the menus/napkins/placemats and use as kitchen wall decor.

Collect rocks, seashells, and fossils when you go to the beach. You can glue them on a board and form interesting patterns then frame and hang them on your wall.

Uniquely designed jewelry can also be used as decoration. Make a jewelry holder you can mount on the wall and display necklaces and other pieces of jewelry you bought on your travels. They will look both lovely and organized when showcased this way.

Another fun option is refrigerator magnets with images and logos of local sights and businesses. Most of those magnets have the name of the place engraved so they can also help you keep track of all the places you have gone. Instead of sticking them on your fridge, paint a part of your wall with magnetic paint and display all those magnets.

Buying collectibles and souvenirs when you travel is fun, but they often end up in drawers or in “memories” folders. Making decor out of them and displaying them on your walls puts them to good use and provides a constant reminder of all the fun you had in those far-flung places.