Wood plank floor

There are a few different materials that can be used to create the flooring in a home. One type that has been popular for many decades is wood plank flooring. This design was the original way wood floors were constructed and placed in homes in the early days of the settlers. The term plank refers to the various strips or boards of lumber that are placed onto the floor surface to create the entire flooring. Today’s styles are designed to fit better and have a more finished and beautiful surface than the original planks did.

Some of the styles today use the basic tongue and groove type of connection, while others may use a peg style. The planks themselves are also available in several widths so you can choose how you want your floor to look. You will find this flooring available in many different types of wood including pine, cherry walnut and oak. A solid oak floor is generally created to have a natural looking finish with a surface coating added to create a degree of shine as well as protect the wood from getting scratched or damaged.

When selecting your wood style you will see some products that are created from a molded plastic material that resembles the look of real wood. There are also several laminated styles available as well. These products are created to be more durable and long lasting than the natural wood items and will require less maintenance. The various woods used for floor surfaces can be used in any room of a house. Some companies will offer matching stair treads and air vents to help you design a coordinated room area. The natural beauty of wood looks great in a home styled as a country house, a contemporary house or a classic period style house.