4ft air hockey tables that can be setup for play almost anywhere

Air hockey has been around for forty years. It was introduced in 1969 as the collaborative effort of Brad Baldwin, Phil Crossman, and Bob Kendrick. The three engineers worked for Brunswick Billiards, a big name in pocket billiards. Unlike some inventions that languish before they take root, air hockey was an instant and financial success.

At one time, the only place to play air hockey was in arcade rooms, but today’s kids have access to 4ft air hockey tables that can be setup for play almost anywhere.

These half size tables provide smaller people the opportunity to practice hand eye coordination to prepare them for the larger tables when they are full size themselves.

The smaller table allows for placement in a much smaller space than the commercial sized tables. The 4ft air hockey tables can easily fit in a corner of a child’s bedroom, and they are lightweight so moving them isn’t difficult.

Other designs in 4ft tables include those with short legs that can be played while sitting on the floor. Without the long legs, storage is simply a matter of standing it in the corner or inside a closet. A table top can serve as a temporary place to play the game.

Portability is important because small children have a short attention span, and you need to be able to put the 4ft air hockey table away as soon as the kids move on to other activities.

With the affordability of air hockey tables, why would anyone want to get the 4ft model when the large ones work better for everyone? Here are the four most popular reasons for this.

1. Kids think they must take their entertainment with them when they travel on vacations or go to stay with relatives. They like to have their own toys that they are familiar with, too. A full-size air hockey table won’t travel well in the car, but the 4ft table is more mobile.

2. You never know what kids will play with for any length of time. A small air hockey table might interest them so much that a full size one would be worthwhile. If they don’t like the small one, there’s probably no need to spend money on the larger size.

3. There is a cost difference between 4ft air hockey tables and the larger size tables. Families on a budget might not have the funds to afford the larger ones.

4. Space is one of the primary reasons to get the smaller table, but the lighter weight has a bearing, too. A small air powered hockey table is something the kids can put away and get out by themselves without having to bother adults.

Many times, we get concerned about the official size of the products we buy. Our kids must have the official size basketball, football, or whatever else they are interested in at the time.

Some toys should just be enjoyed without the need to worry about the competitive nature of them. Air hockey is a fun game for kids and adults alike, and it will always be fun whether the table is 4ft or 8ft long.