Leather sofas to brighten up your room

Leather sofas to brighten up your room

It’s a common misconception that breathing new life into a room has to be an expensive endeavour. With just a bit of ingenuity, creativity and a small outlay of cash, you can transform your out-dated living room or dining room with a fresh new twist. There are definitely a lot of ways on how to do this.

If you’re willing to experiment with crafts and a spot of do-it-yourself projects, you might discover you have a hidden talent that can lead to some highly cost-effective ways to completely transform a room.

Sure, your wallet might be feeling the pinch after the holidays, but you don’t have to break the bank when it comes to redesigning a room. With a bit of careful planning, single items can dramatically change a room’s look and feel, like plunking for a new sofa. For example, in the UK sofas at Tesco are an affordable means to add a new signature piece of furniture to a room. Alternatively, a large wall-mounted mirror can turn a cramped, dark room into one that feels brighter and more spacious – even a few carefully selected lighting solutions can have that same effect.

Still sound a bit expensive? Well, there’s plenty of free or next-to-free ways to completely change a room. Why not reacquaint yourself with your sewing machine or break out the crochet kit and start churning out some new pillows and throws for your room? Similarly, cheap bolts of fabric bought from discontinued lines can turn a tired-looking dining chair into a classy covered number, while any leftover fabric can be readily converted to smaller matching items like napkins.

Chic sofas for classic look

Or if you’re aiming for a complete transformation, you can repaint a room for next to nothing if you’re canny – search classified websites like craigslist.org for unwanted paint, or your local DIY store for super-cheap batches of mixed paint that customers never picked up. One of the most cost-effective ways to spruce up a room with a lick of paint is just to buy one paint tin and do a single accent wall in a color complementary to your existing color scheme. Combined with a new signature lamp or pendant light, you can radically change a room’s look for less than the cost of a meal out.

You’ll be amazed how easy it is to transform your room for next to nothing with just a bit of ingenuity and a willingness to get your hands dirty. And there’s no better time to start thinking about refreshing your home than the start of the new year!