With glass, you get beautiful, modern clean, lines that offer minimal obstruction of any views

If you’re installing a swimming pool in your yard, the chances are you will be required to construct a pool safety fence of some sort. While some homeowners are comfortable with the idea of installing pool fence, some do not like the look a fence provides. Wooden and metal fences can be obtrusive and obscure much of the view into (and out of) the pool area. Homes with nice views of the surrounding area are especially affected by the obtrusive lines of fences that meet local safety codes.

For these pool areas, glass fencing may be the perfect solution. With glass, you get beautiful, modern clean, lines that offer minimal obstruction of any views – whether they be of the kids in the pool, or of the scenic surroundings. Most reputable glass fence providers will offer fences that meet most local safety codes, but be sure to check before you choose. Note that while glass fences are very pretty and can be perfect for some households, they are not for everyone. Glass fences often have edges and corners that can be considered sharp for those that have young children. “Frameless” fences in particular, while beautiful, can be considered inappropriate for homes with small children.

A possible drawback to glass fencing is keeping it clean. While a clean fence offers unmatched visibility and classy looks, it can dirty quickly. After all, it is made from huge panes of glass! The fences can be virtual magnets for fingerprints, dog nose prints, water spots and bird droppings. Don’t be intimidated however, an industrial size squeegee and glass cleaner can make the seemingly overwhelming job much easier to conquer.

Check with your local pool supply store for fencing providers or research online. While glass fencing is increasingly popular in states like Florida, California, and Arizona, it may be harder to find companies in mid-western parts of the country that offer glass pool fencing.