Steam cleaning carpets is something that is commonly done by professionals with the proper equipment

Having a carpet on your home can help protect your floors from getting damaged and at the same time prevent accident like slips and falls. A carpet can also complement the decorations or themes of a room that you place in. However, good quality carpets often do not come with a small price. The price for a carpet can cost you a lot of your hard earned money to be able to enjoy having it in your home. That is why it would be important to know how to care and clean your carpet to protect its quality.

A popular way that you can have your carpets cleaned while protecting its quality is to have it steamed cleaned with one of the good carpet steam cleaners. Steam cleaning carpets is something that is commonly done by professionals with the proper equipment. Through this procedure, you can have your carpet thoroughly cleaned while protecting it from damages.

How does it work?
The solution that is used for cleaning is heated, commonly up to two hundred degrees Fahrenheit, and pressurized within a machine like the Hoover SteamVac that is commonly attached on the cleaner’s van or truck. A hose is then brought into your home after it has been connected to the machine. The hose is then connected to a cleaning wand that allows the cleaner to regulate the flow of the solution. Before the solution is sprayed on your carpet, a conditioner is first applied through an in-line sprayer. Once the conditioner has been placed on your carpet, the pressurized solution is then forced to flow out through narrow openings, then flowing into the carpet fibers. This can flush out both dirt and the conditioner that have been applied on your carpet.
When a part of your carpet has cleaned, a dry pass is then made in order to completely remove the solution and dirt on your carpet. This can also ensure that the drying time would be kept to a minimum, preventing risks of damage to your carpet due to moisture.

Will it damage your carpet?
Moisture or water is something that can damage or destroy your carpet, especially the pads underneath it. Because of this, some people believe that having their carpets steamed cleaned can result to damage. However, this isn’t true. Steam cleaning involves the process of simultaneously applying a solution to the carpet fibers while at the same time extracting the solution. The only time that water can really damage your carpet is when it has seeped in into the pad. Through steam cleaning, moisture is not able to penetrate the carpet pads behind, thus preventing damage.