Make sure that you don't need specialized tools to install it

Are you looking for a good quality ceiling fan? Here are some tips of what to look for. As I am sitting here I have a fan blowing on me that I know has not been designed very well and the fan simply isn’t efficient. It does a whole lot of spinning but not a whole lot cooling. Here are a few things you should look at when considering your ceiling fan.

– How is the price? If it isn’t a good name brand and have reputable quality then you are probably wasting your time and money.
– How long does it take to install and how difficult is it? Do you need an installer to make sure it works? If that’s the case don’t do it. There are many fans out there that you can get that are quick to install and it will be up and running before you know it. Also make sure that you don’t need specialized tools to install it.
– Does it come in variety of colours and designs that will work with the aesthetics of your home? Different sizes work better in different rooms. Sometimes you can get hugger fans that are close to the ceiling as well.
– How well is it designed? A fan’s efficiency is in its blades not in its motor. If the blades aren’t designed right it won’t be moving much air.
– Does it have reverse function for those colder winter months where the heat accumulates on the ceiling of the house?
– Can it be used inside or outside? Depending where you need it is it rust proof?
– Does it have a remote control option for convenience? In case it is placed on a high ceiling or if reaching is an issue for you.

Lastly you need to look at the reputation of the company. Have they been around for a while and do they have a lifetime warranty which indicates that they stand by their product quality? In my research I have found that Hampton Bay ceiling fans definitely pass this checklist. Visit my site for what you need to know about these great Hampton Bay fans.