Most high-end gas grills come in an insert configuration that allows you to put it where you want it

Before you can begin designing your custom gas grill enclosure or outdoor kitchen, you need to pick the perfect grill.  Most high-end gas grills come in an insert configuration that allows you to put it where you want it, but many are not a standard size so you should pick your grill first.  These models can be either natural gas or propane models; if there is a natural gas source available, it may be the best bet to purchase a natural gas grill insert.  The following are just a sampling of what is available, remember prices vary so do some serious shopping before deciding.

The Napoleon Prestige V offers 850 square inches of cooking space and is heated by over 100,000 BTUs; I think this is big enough to cook just about anything you can come up with, but if you entertain often it may come in handy.  It comes with a large number of standard features including internal lighting, full rotisserie systems and a wide range of options for your custom enclosure.

The Lynx Professional Series offers a heavy duty solid cast brass burner that comes with a lifetime guarantee.  The 30 inch model has two of these burners at 25,000 BTUs each. It comes standard with a two position rotisserie that can accommodate 65 pounds and internal lighting so you can grill in the dark.  Lynx makes some of the best grills on the market, so you can’t go wrong with this model.

Some of the most incredible grills available are made by Kalamazoo and the Kalamazoo 450GB is no exception.  This grill is made from the highest quality laser cut stainless steel and has a wide range of accessories available that will allow you to really customize your outdoor kitchen.  At over $5,000, this is one of their more basic models, but it is definitely worth a look.

Viking Grills is a name we all recognize as one of the best when it comes to high end appliances and their grills are worthy of the name.  The Viking 30-inch Premium grill is one of the smaller units offered by Viking, but it is made of solid stainless steel right down to the ball bearing rod on the rotisserie, which comes standard.  This grill has everything you want, including a removable smoker tray and infrared rotisserie burner.  It would be an excellent addition to any outdoor kitchen.

A gas grill insert is the focal point of a custom grill enclosure or an outdoor kitchen; and whether you choose one of the models mentioned above or not, make sure you get a grill that has all the features you need.  Do some research and shop around, you want to get as much grill as possible for as little money as possible.