Hoover has always been a trusted brand in carpet shampooers

Carpets play an important role in our homes. They dress the floor to make it look stylish and they help create distinct areas in the house. Carpets also come with another function, this function however may also be a disadvantage that comes with all types of carpets.

Carpets are Exposed to Dirt

Whether we like it or not carpets will accumulate all sorts of dirt. Being placed on the floor makes it a pit stop for dirt, dust, pet hair along with the odor that comes with the dirt. Carpets may look clean but in between the fibers and the strands of fabrics have dust and all sorts of dirt and mites hidden in them.

Think of the carpet as something like your own hair. Our hair, no matter how we try to keep it clean at all times will accumulate dirt. This is a reason why we shampoo regularly to wash out the dirt from our hair, to get rid of the odor and to make the hair look attractive.

Why Carpet Shampooers are Useful

Carpets have to be cleaned regularly. Clean carpets look more presentable and they do not carry disease causing germs that come from the different dirt that have accumulated on the carpet. However, cleaning a carpet is not a simple task. You cannot hand-wash a carpet and expect it to be completely clean. Even if you can hand wash it, the task will surely wear you out.

Carpet shampooers take over this task of washing our carpets for us. I personally think when dealing with the dirt that has accumulated on the carpets, carpet shampooers are more effective than vacuum cleaners. Vacuum cleaners will suck out the dirt but it won’t be able to disinfect the carpet.

Hoover’s SteamVac Carpet Shampooer

There are different types and brands of carpet shampooers. When you choose one make sure to consider the way it deals with dirt. I would recommend Hoover’s SteamVac Carpet Shampooer. This Carpet Shampooer may not be the most advance models produced by Hoover but it delivers a satisfactory performance.

With separate tanks for the dirt and the cleaning solution, easy switches, and a cord long enough to help you navigate through the carpets. With a cleaning track of 11.5 inches, you’ll be able to clean more carpet area in a short period of time. While this Hoover shampooer is cleaning you’ll be able to see the dirt it removes because you can see the tank through a transparent cover.

Matching the Shampooer with the Shampoo

Along with a good carpet shampooer make sure to also use a good kind of carpet shampoo. The shampooer will only go as far as removing and washing out the dirt but the disinfecting and the deodorizing will depend on the type of shampoo you use. Like other types of detergents, the carpet shampoo come in liquid or powder. Choose one based on what is appropriate for your shampooer and the type of clean you would like to achieve.

It’s convenient and easy to have carpet shampooers. Carpets will always be an important part of our interior and exterior areas of our house. This is why we need good carpet shampooers and effective carpet shampoo to keep them clean and germ free.